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Where To Buy B Lovely Wine !LINK!

The winery, and its second label W.B. Bridgman, was acquired by Precept Brands in 2008 where it joined a portfolio that today includes Browne Family, Canoe Ridge, B. Lovely, Gruet, House Wine, Jacqueline Leone, Pendulum, Radius, Primarius, Red Theory, Sagelands, Paradise Peak, Ste. Chapelle, Summit Estates, Skyfall, Wild Haven, Waterbrook and several others.

where to buy b lovely wine

The winemaker for the Apex line is Jon Zimmermann who also does the wine production for Willow Crest. Previously Zimmermann was at Canoe Ridge Vineyard, Tefft Cellars, Wahluke Wine Company, Silver Lake and Hogue Cellars.

Precept is the largest privately owned wine company in the Northwest and includes an extensive portfolio of brands like Apex, Canoe Ridge, W.B. Bridgman, B. Lovely, Gruet, House Wine, Jacqueline Leone, Pendulum, Radius, Primarius, Red Theory, Sagelands, Paradise Peak, Ste. Chapelle, Summit Estates, Skyfall, Wild Haven and Waterbrook.

On the palate, those dark fruits and oak spice carry through with juicy medium-plus acidity. Hefty medium-plus tannins adds to the full-bodied weight of the wine but the vanilla of the oak comes out to round them for a smooth mouthfeel. The finish is a bit short and hints at the youth of the wine.

And what does that have to do with the subject at hand? Well, read on dear wine drinker, to understand the connection. Savagnin (not to be confused with Sauvignon Blanc) is an ancient white wine grape. DNA research published in 2019 confirmed that a 900 year old grapeseed found in Orléans, in central France was genetically identical to modern Savagnin Blanc also known as Traminer. Aha! Because this vine has been around for such a long time and is known to have a very unstable genome, (much like the Pinot group) frequent mutations have occurred and clones developed from these mutations. Savagnin Musqué is the pink skinned, spice scented one better known as, yes, Gewurztraminer. And there you have it. Thanks for hanging in there.

I have acquired several samples of this wine from different areas to taste and review. But before we get into tasting let me add these comments. Gewurztraminer is a wine best drunk young. There are some quality examples out there that might be ageworthy, but, on the whole, drink them on the younger side so they still maintain the acidity they have. Expect a soft full mouthfeel because of the lower acidity and higher alcohol content. And drink it cold, like right out of the fridge.

Albino Armani 2019 Gewürztraminer $18.99Trentino (Village of Crosano) ItalyYellow gold with coppery glints. Clean mineral, barely ripe cantaloupe, pear and a slight spice on the nose with ripe green apple, honey comb, white flowers and lime on the palate. Not as aggressively fruity as the others. Lots of fresh minerality with a touch of bitterness on the finish. Very dry and definitely delicious. Went great with my grilled salmon, sautéed kale and lentil dinner. Sorry Washington, this might be my new favorite! Only because I lean towards a drier, less fruit forward wine. This is just me. You may have a different preference.

I love the Art of Wine! They have a wonderful (not to mention large) selection of wines by the glass. They also have several different flights to choose from. And if you are looking for sweet wines, they can accommodate you as well. You can always pop by for happy hour, and if you are feeling a bit peckish they have a great charcuterie or hummus bowl option if you are a veggie!

My Husband and I come here every time we are in Sedona and it's always a wonderful experience. The wine is fantastic, the view is wonderful and the service is by far the best. They are very knowledgeable about the wines and give great info about all the different ones!

Celebrated a bachelorette party with a stop here and it was absolutely lovely. Incredible friendly and knowledgeable staff. Very cute tasting room and fun merchandise to look at. Views outside are stunning. We had a wonderful time chatting with the bartender, learning about the wines offered, and taking some bottles home.

We went in for some wine and did a tasting. The store manager was very busy and did a great job juggling multiple customers. She poured us four extra samples of which we purchased three. I would highly recommend them. 041b061a72


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