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Download NBA 2K20 APK for Android with Updated Roster to NBA 2K23 | V98.0.2 Version

NBA 2K20 Roster Update 2K23 Android APK Download: How to Get the Latest NBA Rosters on Your Phone


If you are a fan of basketball and video games, you probably know about NBA 2K20, one of the most popular and realistic basketball simulation games ever made. But did you know that you can update the rosters of NBA 2K20 to match the current NBA season, even if you are playing on your Android phone? In this article, we will show you how to download and install NBA 2K20 updated roster to 2K23 on Android devices, as well as the benefits and challenges of doing so. Read on to find out more!

What is NBA 2K20 and why you should update the rosters

NBA 2K20 is a basketball simulation game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports in 2019. It is the 21st installment in the NBA 2K franchise and features various game modes, such as MyCareer, MyTeam, MyLeague, MyGM, and more. You can create your own custom player, build your dream team, manage your own franchise, or play with real-life NBA players and teams.

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However, since NBA 2K20 was released in 2019, it does not reflect the latest changes and developments in the NBA. For example, some players have changed teams, some rookies have entered the league, some ratings have been updated, and some jerseys and courts have been redesigned. If you want to enjoy the most accurate and up-to-date NBA experience, you should update the rosters of NBA 2K20.

What is NBA 2K23 and how it differs from NBA 2K20

NBA 2K23 is not an official game released by 2K Sports, but rather a modded version of NBA 2K20 created by fans and modders. It is based on NBA 2K20 but features updated rosters, graphics, gameplay, and more. It aims to provide a realistic and immersive basketball simulation that matches the current NBA season.

NBA 2K23 differs from NBA 2K20 in several ways. For instance, it has updated cyberfaces, accessories, wingspans, jerseys, courts, logos, portraits, ratings, tendencies, animations, badges, shoes, tattoos, hairstyles, signatures, draft classes, coaches, staffs, contracts, injuries, transactions, awards, records, standings, schedules, playoffs brackets, all-star teams, Olympic teams, FIBA teams, Euroleague teams, classic teams and more. It also has improved graphics quality and performance and added new game modes and features such as MyPark and Blacktop.

How to download and install NBA 2K20 updated roster to 2K23 on Android devices

If you want to download and install NBA 2K20 updated roster to 2K23 on Android devices you will need to follow these steps:

  • Make sure you have NBA 2K20 installed on your Android device. You can get it from Google Play Store or other sources.

  • Download the APK file and the VirtualBackup files for NBA 2K20 updated roster to 2K23 from these links: [^ 2^]. You can also scan the QR codes below to get the files.

  • Install the APK file on your Android device. You may need to enable unknown sources in your settings to do so.

  • Open the VirtualBackup app on your Android device and grant it the necessary permissions.

  • Tap on the Restore button and select the NBA 2K20 updated roster to 2K23 backup file that you downloaded.

  • Wait for the restoration process to complete and then launch NBA 2K20 on your Android device.

  • Enjoy playing NBA 2K20 with updated rosters to 2K23!

Here are the QR codes for the APK file and the VirtualBackup file:

Benefits of updating the rosters

Updating the rosters of NBA 2K20 to 2K23 has many benefits for Android users who love basketball and video games. Here are some of them:

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Enjoy the latest NBA players and teams

By updating the rosters, you can play with the latest NBA players and teams that reflect the current NBA season. For example, you can see LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the Los Angeles Lakers, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving on the Brooklyn Nets, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton on the Milwaukee Bucks, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson on the Golden State Warriors, Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis on the Dallas Mavericks, Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram on the New Orleans Pelicans, and many more. You can also play with the new rookies who entered the league in 2022, such as Cade Cunningham, Jalen Green, Evan Mobley, Jalen Suggs, Scottie Barnes, and others. You can also see the updated ratings and attributes of each player based on their performance and potential.

Experience improved graphics and gameplay

Updating the rosters also improves the graphics and gameplay of NBA 2K20 on Android devices. You can enjoy better graphics quality and performance thanks to the optimized textures, models, lighting, shadows, reflections, animations, and effects. You can also experience smoother and more realistic gameplay thanks to the improved physics, AI, controls, feedback, sound, and camera. You can also customize your graphics and gameplay settings to suit your preferences and device specifications.

Access more game modes and features

Updating the rosters also gives you access to more game modes and features that are not available in NBA 2K20. For example, you can play in MyPark and Blacktop modes where you can compete with other players online or offline in various streetball courts. You can also play in MyCareer mode where you can create your own custom player and follow his journey from high school to college to the NBA. You can also play in MyTeam mode where you can build your dream team from scratch using cards that represent different players, coaches, jerseys, courts, etc. You can also play in MyLeague and MyGM modes where you can manage your own franchise as a player, coach, or owner. You can also play in other modes such as Play Now Quick Game Season Playoffs All-Star Game Olympics FIBA World Cup Euroleague and more.

Challenges and limitations of updating the rosters

While updating the rosters of NBA 2K20 to 2K23 has many benefits, it also has some challenges and limitations that you should be aware of before doing so. Here are some of them:

Compatibility issues with some devices and Android versions

Updating the rosters may not work on some devices or Android versions due to various reasons. For example, some devices may not have enough storage space or memory to run NBA 2K20 with updated rosters. Some devices may not support some graphics or gameplay features due to their hardware limitations. Some Android versions may not be compatible with some APK or VirtualBackup files due to their security settings or features. Therefore, you should check the compatibility of your device and Android version before updating the rosters.

Potential risks of downloading unofficial mods and files

Updating the rosters involves downloading and installing unofficial mods and files that are not authorized or endorsed by 2K Sports or Visual Concepts. These mods and files may contain viruses, malware, spyware, adware, or other harmful elements that may damage your device or compromise your privacy and security. They may also violate the terms of service or the intellectual property rights of 2K Sports or Visual Concepts. Therefore, you should be careful and cautious when downloading and installing these mods and files and do so at your own risk.

Possible errors and bugs in the game

Updating the ro


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