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Nathan Perry folded the note, and as he put it in his vest pocket he felt theproud beat of his heart. Fifteen minutes later when the convention adjourned fornoon, Nathan and Morty Sands ran plumb into Thomas Van Dorn, sitting in the backroom of the bank, wet eyed and blubbering. The Judge was slumped over the big,shining table, his jaws trembling, his hands fumbling the ink stands and paperweights. His eyes were staring and nervous, and beside him a whiskey bottle andglass told their story. The man rose, holding the table, and shrieked:

Father was in full sympathy with the leaders of theConfederacy in the cause they espoused. As soon asthe first breath of impending strife reached him he beganto struggle with military tactics, and was amongthe first to volunteer. He entered the service as firstlieutenant of the Eighteenth Mississippi regiment, andwas promoted after the battle of Leesburg to the positionof lieutenant colonel. In the spring of 1862 hecame home on furlough from Virginia. Soon after returningto his command, he was stricken with an illnessof such a serious nature that he was compelledagain to retire to the plantation in Mississippi. CommodoreFarragut was attacking Vicksburg. The governor of Mississippi called for volunteers in its defense.Father had sufficiently recovered to answer and, goingat once to the City of Bluffs, witnessed the first bombardment.When General Sherman made his subsequentmovement against Vicksburg, father again volunteeredhis services.

SINCE the close of the civil war as complete a change hadtaken place in the South as followed the revolution in Franceof the latter part of the eighteenth century. Under the newrégime which began with the liberation of over 4,000,000slaves the upper and the middle classes have becomeamalgamated by the action of the elements of circumstance.

There was no one in the home with whom conversationon such a subject would have been particularly satisfying,so, in desperation a search was made through the library forsome book that would answer my queries; but nothing wasfound touching infidelity except the materialism of certainphilosophers. These works were devoured until my mindbecame saturated with their ideas. I grew to despiseChristianity and sneered at every profession of trust in aSupreme Being. Church members were observed critically andevery sin and inconsistency which was discovered in them broughtout that degree of derision and contempt to which only youth,ignorance and prejudice are equal. Mother had a habit ofdevoting several hours each morning to study of the Bible.On seeing her surrounded by rows of commentaries andbending over the Scriptures, comparing passages ormemorizing texts, I felt my heart hardening, and wasconscious of an increased aversion to religion. Our home washeadquarters for all Methodist ministers who passed that way,to mother's intense delight and my intense disgust. It was arule of mine to avoid them whenever possible. My voluntaryentrance into the church dated from my twelfth year, duringa great revival. Now, when the scene occurred to me Ilaughed at myself for having yielded to so much emotion,and requested that my name be removed from the church books.

Those were fateful months. The foundations of ill-health were laid which haunted me for fifteen years.Often in freezing weather my thick shoes and heavyclothing were put aside for thin slippers and gauzedresses and bare neck and arms. After dancing till heator fatigue became unbearable a rush would be madeinto the deadly night air, with only a filmy lace shawlthrown over my shoulders for protection. 041b061a72


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