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Download Driver Mouse Rexus G7: A Step-by-Step Tutorial for Gamers

The top panel will tell you your current settings and where the buttons are located. It will change if you press one of the buttons or scroll the scroll wheel. From there, you can use the sliders to adjust the sensitivity for each axis. Some users may want to adjust the speed of these settings. You can read more about the controls on the bottom of the mouse and make the appropriate adjustments.

Download Driver Mouse Rexus G7

Over time the mouse will develop a trackball error if youre using it constantly. This occurs when the surface of the mouse accumulates a certain amount of dirt and is not clean, and the metal is left exposed to the air. This will cause the mouse to skip if you try to use it. The fix is to use a clean, dry cloth or use a Q-tip to clean the area around the click buttons.

When cleaning the mouse, make sure you arent pressing the buttons. If your mouse is on a desk or an arm, make sure youre not touching the mouse at all to avoid damaging the wires or connecting the mouse to the mousepad.

If the mouse is skipping too often, the mousepad may be causing issues as well. Mice shouldnt be used on smooth surfaces like glass, ceramics, or even plastic. Also, if the mouse is constantly skipping, changing the mousepad can help alleviate the issue. If the mouse is having issues every time you move it, its a pretty good indicator that there are problems with the mouse pad as well.

If your mouse is on a surface and the navigation buttons have become unresponsive, its time to switch to wireless. Also, if the mouse is in an enclosure and the wire is missing, this is a signal that the wireless adapter isnt properly installed.


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