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Mature Sex Toy Pussy

Many people have fantasized about being with their favorite pornstar a couple of times, to indulge in the ultimate sexual experience. Now you can, with our large range of pornstar pocket pussies that are modeled after the most popular porn stars in the industry, like Faye Reagan, Jessica Jaymes, Jesse Jane and Dani Daniels. Get a celebrity pocket pussy replica just like the lady bits of your favorite porn star today for your next solo masturbation session.

mature sex toy pussy

The very best celebrity pussy masturbators are made from soft materials for a realistic experience. Soft and supple, this lifelike material feels just like real skin. Featuring a vaginal entrance of the most exacting detail, and a ribbed tunnel internal design for extra sensation, these pussy strokers are as close as you can get to a real-life porn star experience, for powerful orgasms!

Pocket Pussy Strokers are one of the most popular sex toys on the market. From the tight fake pussy of Riley Reid, to a stroker inspired by the hottest Hustler porn movies, these signature strokers and life-like masturbators feature the most famous lusciously looking vaginas, all ready for your dick! Perfect for any man, regardless of their experience level with sex toys, these masturbators will help you live out your wildest fantasies. Vibrating pocket pussy strokers are also available.

Like I've mentioned above, the short version; a Fleshlight is a replica of a vagina... You can see a Fleshlight as being an artificial pussy (or anus) similar to a vibrator or dildo being an artificial penis sex toy.A Fleshlight is a masturbatory aid for men and it's currently the best selling sex toy on the market (targeted at a male audience).

But how it's made? Well, we're not going into full details here, because to be honest, the way these Fleshlight toys are made isn't exactly the most "sexy" thing in the world... But it does the trick and it feels great!Check out these (behind the scenes) photos of the stunning pornstar and famous cam girl Kendra Sunderland. Basically, they recreate the shape (both inside and outside) of these Fleshlights by molding the body (breasts, vagina and booty) of models in the adult film industry.Not such a sexy process to make these toys... But in the end, the only thing that matters is the end result and well, the end results is an exact (real tight) replica of your favorite pornstar's pussy. And trust me, these fleshlight sex toys are tight already! Get Kendra Sunderland's FleshlightIf you haven't tried it, this might be your chance. Something you won't regret as I've only heard positive reactions from those that have used and have had some really hot and horny times with these great sex toys for men.

Enough with the educational stuff, this ain't the latest episode of "How it's made" after all. Let's get moving into action! Here are some of our personal favorite pornstars that have their "pussy" for sale as a Fleshlight masturbation toy. The list is longer as you'd might suspect, ranging from the biggest names in the business such as Riley Reid & Lisa Ann.

Brandi Love, the mother of all MILFS. Now that's a pussy I've always wanted to "give a try", if you know what I mean. And man, I guess this is finally my chance to get a taste of this sexy and naughty blonde mature babe.Brandi Love is a real porn veteran as she's been in the business for over decades. The thing is, she doesn't seem to age at all as she's still the exact same horny bombshell she was 20 years ago. We sure as hell "love" Brandi (and her amazing pussy) over here. Try Brandi Love's pussy (Get her Fleshlight)

Lana Rhoades is one of the most popular pornstars in the entire adult business today. Not much of a shocker in my opinion. I mean, if you just look at her faptastic body and sweet sexy big juicy booty... Simply perfection!Lana is such a beauty queen... The fact that she's also a total dirty girl makes her even more attractive and probably pretty much the ultimate girl of your (wet) dreams. Try Lana Rhoades' pussy (Get her Fleshlight)

Prefer petite girls or pornstars with teen looks? Oh boy, it's time for you to meet the tiny, cute but also ultra naughty Elsa Jean. With an extremely slim and petite babe like Elsa over here, I'd bet her pussy must feel super tight, right? Try Elsa Jean's pussy (Get her Fleshlight)

Never tried a redhead before? Everything they say about 'em is true... Trust me. Ginger pornstar Ella Hughes is the perfect example of that... Spicy and wild! Try Ella Hughes' pussy (Get her Fleshlight)

Time for some MILF action. Our favorite mature Fleshlight girls? That have got to be the stunning Kendra Lust (photo above) and Lisa Ann (who recently just made her comeback to the business).Aren't we all excited about the news that the busty and jaw-dropping beauty queen Lisa Ann announced she's returning to the adult film industry. I sure got excited! And the news got even better after I found out she's now officially a Fleshlight girl as well. Or should we say; Fleshlight MILF? Get Kendra Lust or Lisa Ann's Fleshlight

Fleshlights come in all sizes and shapes and even in all sorts of flavours. What about the sexy ebony pornstar Ana Foxxx over here? I'd sure love to spend some time inside the gorgeous Ms Foxxx over here. :) Try Ana Foxxx's pussy (Get her Fleshlight)

More of an "ass man" just like the legendary Billy Gunn? Well, besides the regular pussy replica's there pornstars also have their own "butt edition". That's right, you'll even get to try and experience how it feels to have your dick inside their tight asshole.Not going to lie, I've had my fair share of horny times watching pornstar Tori Black in action on my screen. She's also one of those girls that loves to have some anal play, both on her porn scenes as well as on her steaming hot live webcam shows. What can I say? I personally would love to taste Tori's ass! Try Tori Black's asshole or pussy (Fleshlight)

Of course we had to list the wildest anal freaks in the entire porn industry as well; Adriana Chechik, the big booty beauty Kissa Sins and let's not forget about "Buttwoman" herself; Alexis Texas.In fact, pornstar Adriana Chechik is such a fan of a hard anal pounding that she even cums and squirts during anal sex. Want to find out how having butt sex with Adriana Chechik feels like? Go try the ass version of her Fleshlight. Try Adriana Chechik's asshole or pussy (Fleshlight) 041b061a72


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