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Madvillainy 2 The Madlib Remix Download Zip

Madvillainy 2: The Madlib Remix Download Zip

If you are a fan of the underground hip hop duo Madvillain, consisting of rapper MF DOOM and producer/rapper Madlib, you might be interested in downloading their remix album Madvillainy 2: The Madlib Remix. This album is a re-working of their 2004 debut album, Madvillainy, created by Madlib himself. It was released via Stones Throw Records in 2008.

Madvillainy 2: The Madlib Remix features 25 tracks, some of which are new versions of the original songs, some are instrumentals, and some are interludes. The album also features guest appearances from Quasimoto and Viktor Vaughn, two of Madlib's and DOOM's alter egos, respectively. The album has a more experimental and psychedelic sound than the original, showcasing Madlib's versatility and creativity as a producer.


The album received mixed reviews from critics, who praised Madlib's production but felt that it was not a worthy successor to the original Madvillainy. Some fans also felt that the album was a disappointment, as they were expecting a new album with fresh material from the duo. However, some fans appreciated the album as a bonus treat from Madlib, who stated that he made the remixes for fun and to keep the fans happy.

If you want to download Madvillainy 2: The Madlib Remix in zip format, you can find it on various websites that offer free music downloads. However, we recommend that you support the artists and buy the album from their official website or from other legal sources. You can also stream the album on YouTube or on other music platforms.

We hope you enjoy listening to Madvillainy 2: The Madlib Remix and discover new aspects of Madvillain's music. If you like this album, you might also want to check out their other projects, such as Madvillainy Demo Tape, Koushik Remixes, Four Tet Remixes, and more.


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