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Miles Brown

Motion 5.5.2

Apple has released Final Cut Pro 10.5.3, Compressor 4.5.3, and Motion 5.5.2 with improvements and bug fixes for the professional video editing apps. Final Cut Pro now enables you to create and edit custom column views with the new column editor, restores support for copying clips from the Finder and pasting into the timeline, resolves an issue with adjusting audio keyframes, fixes an issue with the Color Mask, and improves reliability when app switching to Final Cut Pro with an external hard drive connected.

Motion 5.5.2

Create natural-looking motion without the need for complex calculations using preset behaviors like Gravity, Throw, and Vortex. Use Text behaviors that animate letters, words, or lines across the screen. Or apply the Overshoot behavior to easily create spring-loaded animations. You can even combine behaviors for more advanced motion animations.

Quickly animate text on or off the screen by choosing from more than 100 behaviors including Type On, Blur Out, and Text-on-a-Path, which sets your text in motion on a trajectory that angles, bends, or twists. You can also create unique animations by moving letters just where you want them.

If a particle moves with uniform or constant acceleration, then it must behave according to certain standard laws of kinematics. In this section we will develop these laws of motion and apply them to a number of interesting applications.

I'm using Motion to manage a camera and it works perfectly.I've configured mutt so it can send emails when an event occur on the camera.When I send an email via mutt by myself it works every times.But when it's motion that send the email, the "from:" field is not good and it doesn't send the email. Do you know why ? I've configured my /.muttrc file and it works when I do it without motion.

When individual Glass patterns are presented for long durations, they give rise to a static global percept of structure. However, when individual dipoles are replaced and updated rapidly they convey not only form but also a sense of implicit motion. This motion is perceived despite the fact that the position of the updated dipoles is uncorrelated from frame-to-frame 10 . Such configurations of sequential brief presentations are termed 'dynamic Glass patterns' (dGP). Ross, Badcock & Hayes 8 proposed that the implicit motion generated by dGPs is a result of the form and motion aspects of vision combining. In effect, the circular form of the Glass pattern imposes structure to the otherwise random 'motion' of updated dipoles.

This study has practical implications for psychophysical experiments assessing low level vision. The existing body of work 2, 4 would indicate it is vital that the use of colour in experiments is monitored carefully so as to not bias performance through motivational processes. This work demonstrates that in tasks requiring processing in the early visual system, such as contrast, motion and dGP form detection, no such consideration is required. 041b061a72


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