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Miles Brown
Miles Brown

Bleach Episode 28, 29 FULL REACTION.mp4 - Google Drive ##HOT##

When Mitch and Hobie are walking down the beach after a tough day, they notice a strange smell in a tunnel. When they have entered the tunnel, Mitch immediately recognizes the smell. Some workers have accidentally damaged a gas line. One of the workers drops his cigarette into the tunnel and Mitch and Hobie have to run out before it explodes. Later in the marina, Hobie meets his friends Brad, Josie and Randy. Because they are in no condition to drive, Hobie drives Brad's dad's boat. While they are driving, Josie pulls the throttle to full speed. Hobie loses control and it is just a matter of time before the boat turns over. Hobie manages to rescue everyone with the help of Jessie and April.Josie ends up in a coma and Brad tells Josie's father that Hobie caused the accident. Hobie ends up in prison due to reckless driving. His bail is set at $ 300 000. Mitch pays his bail using the deed to his house along with April's money as collateral. When Hobie meets Josie's father at the hospital, he threatens to sue Hobie. The next day, Mitch has to give Hobie the bad news that he is temporarily off the lifeguard roster. Hobie leaves upset and feels like everyone has abandoned him. Mitch takes Hobie to the hospital to meet Josie who has come out of her coma. Josie tells her father the truth that she pulled the throttle. After finding out about the truth, Josie's father apologizes to Hobie.

Bleach Episode 28, 29 FULL REACTION.mp4 - Google Drive

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